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The Barn Steakhouse tucked away in an alley in the middle of downtown Evanston, is a modern-throw back to days gone by.  The Barn Steakhouse is an homage to owner Amy Morton's father, esteemed restaurateur and steakhouse king, Arnold J. Morton. Amy has been in the business most of her life, knowing always she would tip her hat to her "dear old dad" one day.  The Barn Steakhouse, the North Shore's premiere stop for steak, is just that, a fabulous tribute.  Tagged a "modern-meatery", this meat-centric hide-a-way boasts the finest of ingredients with Heritage Black Angus Beef leading the way on the well-rounded menu. The Grand Central Caviar Sandwich is a hidden gem, along with the signature salad The Little Gem; both items are hard to resist. The old brick stable that houses The Barn Steakhouse was built in 1883 and was first operated by the Borden Milk Company to house the horses for its horse and buggy milk delivery service.  Originally, the brick structure stood on its own with a tin shed attached for the milk storage. Milk arrived directly from the area dairy farms, the closest is believed to be just west on Church Street.  The small window cutouts along the west wall were for the horses, most likely to watch the sunset, though we may have made that up...certainly they were the windows to each of the horses stalls. In 1910 the adjacent building along Church Street became the local offices for the Borden Milk Company.  Around 1915, as the automobile was becoming more widely used and, according to the City of Evanston records, the "barn" had become a garage.  Since the 1920's, it is believed that the garage was abandoned and the space hadn't been in use for over a hundred years until Morton brought it back to life with all the bells and whistles for her "ode to Arnie".