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Ambiance is something Amy Morton knows a thing of two about and The Barn Steakhouse shows this off like no other restaurant in the Chicago area.  Warm, intimate, and timeless the room gives one the sense of drama and approachable modernity at the same. The seemingly gritty alley entrance to the simple century old brick structure is the perfect dichotomy to what one finds once inside the velvet curtain. Soaring 20-foot ceilings and a stunning chandelier with a thousand twinkling lights set the stage for what is to come.  The bar, spanning an entire wall, so tall a ladder must be used to reach the well-aged and perfectly curated wines from the list, is as inviting as one could imagine with a zinc top and gorgeous stained oak backdrop. The loft, perched above, accessible by a hidden set of stairs is right out of a 1950's film, with rich red leather banquettes and tables overlooking the dining room below it is a place to be and be seen. And this is all set amidst a backdrop of century-old crumbling brick, the most important aspect of the interior; maintaining the integrity of the original space was paramount to Morton's design.